Lutz Tow Truck Professionals


If you need a tow truck to remove your wrecked vehicle from an accident scene today, call Lutz Towing. We like to be known as the wrecker service in all of Florida for many reasons. The fact that we will do our best to get your car or truck towed off the road and out of danger quickly is reason enough for motorists across the county to contact us when they need wrecker services. Getting your wrecked vehicle safely towed away requires professional attention and years of experience. When you call Lutz Towing and wrecker service right now, we can dispatch a fully capable representative who can be there within one hour in most cases.

​Our wrecker service is locally owned and operated in Tampa, Florida. We have all the necessary equipment to perform a wrecker service, and if we don't own it, we know who does and how to get it there quickly when you need us to retrieve your wrecked vehicle from any location across Hillsborough County or anywhere else in the area. Call us today at (813) 733-5241​ for wrecker service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

blue car wrecker service in Lutz FL

When would you need Lutz wrecker service?

When you call Lutz Towing and wrecker service, we will send one of our wreckers out to wherever your stranded vehicle might be located. The driver will analyze the situation and determine what their wrecker must do in order to safely haul away that car wreck. In some cases, wrecker service involves a flatbed wrecker equipped with boards and chains for towing.

If the wreckers find that the car wreck is too heavy or too large to safely transport that way, our wrecker drivers will devise a plan to haul away your wrecked vehicle using a tow truck instead.

Sometimes, we can push a stalled vehicle off the road right where it is if it's not in danger of being hit by other vehicles driving past or if there's no traffic at all around.

Call your reliable local towing and wrecker service

Our wreckers have everything they need under their cabs to complete any wrecker service you might need from them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have several wreckers available right now, so call Lutz Towing's wrecker service for immediate assistance. The moment you realize your car has been in a wreck or stalled out on the road due to any number of other issues.

Contact our wrecker service immediately​ to get that vehicle safely removed from the scene of the accident before any other motorists are tempted to plow into it.

The next time you need transportation after being involved in an accident or other incident where your car cannot drive anymore, don't hesitate to make that call to Lutz Towing and wrecker service.